The Immortality Trap

Sixty-year-old Russian scientist Lyudmila Alekseyeva, while working on a drug designed to speed healing, accidentally discovers the Fountain of Youth. Longing to return to the health and vitality of her youth, Lyudmila takes the drug and transforms into a gorgeous, irreverent co-ed of twenty.

The Politburo wants her formula so they can stay in power forever. And they want her dead. If she reveals her secret to the world, it will result in overpopulation and trigger endless wars over scarce resources. But if she doesn’t, she will die.

The Immortality Trap is an apocalyptic adventure filled with action, adventure, romance, hard decisions and real science.

The eBook is currently available from Amazon only, but will be available through other online retailers after August 14, 2021. The Paperback and Hardback copies are available from 39,000 book stores worldwide now.

Autographed Copies will be available from this website in the very near future.