Write about what you know. Hmm… Nobody really knows what the personal side of a grid-down disaster looks like, so what’s the next best thing?

Maybe it’s taking a piece of forestland with nothing on it, and preparing it for habitation – by hand. Sort-of a grid-down disaster in reverse. So, buy the land in the early summer, and for the first season you have no electricity, no water, and the week-end shelter is … better than primitive, but not a lot better.

Then comes the solar well. No more toting all the water you need for your week-end trips! And you can have a garden, once the deer fence is installed, if the gophers don’t eat it all. Then comes a year-round road – no more parking down the hill and pulling the kiddie-wagon with your water up the hill in the wet seasons.

Next year install the solar panels. Your RV has actual power! The hot water still doesn’t work, which means heating “doing the dishes by hand” water on the propane stove. You get the picture.

Now buy a new RV, one with hot water, heat and a shower – including hookups for my outdoor shower!